Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond Clarity grading scale ranges from flawless for a perfectly clean diamond under a 10-power microscope to an Included three stone where the diamond is so full of inclusions it is both ugly and breakable. The cleaner the diamond the rarer and more expensive it will be.

Diamond Clarity Chart

Clarity Grade Description

Flawless No internal or external flaws

Internally flawless No internal imperfections; slight external blemishes

Very very slight inclusions Extremely difficult for a professional to see under 10X magnification
VS1, VS2

Very slight inclusions Very difficult to see under 10X magnification
SI1, SI2

Slight inclusions
Easy for a professional to see under 10X magnification.

NOTE: SI3 is not a valid GIA clarity grade. A. Debbies Discount Jewelers owns only GIA certified diamonds so you will not find SI3 clarity grades in our inventory. Any diamond graded SI3 by other laboratories will get I1 or I2 clarity grades from the GIA, and those diamonds will have inclusions which will be visible to the naked eye

I1, I2, I3
Inclusions that can be easily visible to the naked eye. I2 and I3 clarity grade diamonds can be dangerous and subject to breakage